10 Ways To Give The Perfect Gift in Singapore!

by Giftano.com

Gifting is an art, perhaps some would call it the science of giving. But is giving the perfect gift in Singapore really that difficult?

Here’s a compilation of 10 different gift ideas in Singapore to create and give the perfect gift to someone every time!

1. Incorporate Photos
Everyone likes to see a photo of themselves. Especially if it is with someone they love (like you), or if it brings back happy and fun memories during a special time in their lives. Find and use that picture to show how special they are to you and how sentimental and thoughtful you are, which is always a good thing.

Photo Collage

2. Inside Jokes
Remember those random and funny moments both of you shared? It might be a moment of stupidity, plain carelessness, or a genius spark of cheeky comments, but those moments are golden. Include a phrase or picture to depict those special and funny memories that you shared.

3. Quotes from their Favourite Book, TV Show or Movie
Know their favourite book? TV show? Or movie? Try to work an apt quote from one or more characters into the gift and put a smile on their face!

4. Favourite Color
A splash of their favourite color always makes the gift a little more attractive and complete. Try to use their favourite color, or the concept of that color in a fun and interesting way. It showcases the amount of thought that went in the gift and shows your sincerity!

Color Pencils

5. Keeping Your Eyes and Ears Open
Ever heard someone say “I wish I had that!” or “Oh! I love this so much!”? Take note and write it down to remind yourself so you don’t forget. Getting someone something (even the smallest of things) that they expressed interest in means that you noticed and listened. And this would certainly gain you some “big points”.

6. Hobbies and Passion
Do they have a favourite hobby or passion? Create the gift around that theme and show your support and care for what they love! They will be delighted to know you made the effort.


7. Give an Experience
Ever thought of not just giving a physical gift? What about treating that someone to an amazing experience? Be it a relaxing afternoon at the spa, a surprising and fun evening at a pop up event, or a unique and one of a kind dining concept at a restaurant, an experience gift will bound to put a smile on someone’s face.


8. Involve his/her Pet!
Know someone who loves their pet? Why not get “Fluffy” involved! Be it pictures, reminiscing situations or events, or even placing your gift on their pet to get “delivered” to them, the pet card is definitely a good one to pull out!

9. Include a Little of Yourself
Always include something of yourself in your gift. Personalize it for them but FROM YOU. Write a song, paint a picture, make a card, etc. but always sign off with something uniquely you. It will be ultra-personalized and it will surely stand out.

10. Make the Gift an Event
Remember those times you had to hunt for your gift? Where people left clues you had to follow that led you looking in random places? Its one of those things that you would remember for a long time, especially if those clues were cute, fun, and enticing.

So there they are, 10 simple gift ideas in Singapore to create the perfect gift for Christmas, a birthday, your anniversary, and any other occasion worth celebrating. Use these tips to give a gift that is from your heart, a gift that will be remembered and appreciated for a long time.

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