Best Simple & Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas in Singapore!

by Jannah Yusoh

Struggling with gift wrapping and cant seem to find a creative way to wrap your gifts? Get some of the best creative gift wrapping ideas in Singapore here! There’s always a reason to give a gift. And when you wrap your gift a little differently, it would almost always leave a memorable and lasting, first impression. So why not explore these unique gift wrapping ideas and set your gift apart from all the others!

1. Play around with your wrapping “paper”. It might not have to be regular wrapping paper. Amp it up with unique wrapping papers like chalkboard paper, instagram paper, word search wrapping paper, or even kitchen cloths. Fancy gift wrapping? For sure!

Gift Paper

2. Change up your Ribbons and Bows! Use yarn strings and lace to create ribbons, and top it off with pictures, cupcake paper carnations, or even a bell for the “Santa effect” (jingle). Gift wrapping can be easy, creative and personalized.

3. Gift wrapping colors? The sky’s the limit! Wondering if there’s a right color for your gift? It really depends on the occasion and what kind of feel you want to evoke. For example, you can choose among white, beige, and black for weddings, pastel pink, blue, green, purple and white for a vintage/country feel, or any contrasting color you or your recipient likes!

rirrons and bows4. Gift Tags There so many themes you can choose from to design your gift tag. From festive designs like Christmas and Halloween, to cartoon characters, animals and even hobbies, creative gift tag designs are always possible and easy to make!

Gift Tags

5. Gift Boxes Remember the times that you get too lazy to wrap your presents? Getting a creative gift box that exudes some character and that resonates with the receiver will do the trick! Okay, so now you’re equipped with these simple yet unique gift wrapping ideas that you can use every time. Go on, get gifting!


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