Popular Gift Trends in 2016!

by Giftano.com

Happy 2016 everyone! A new year means new beginnings. And what better way to start the year than to find out what the popular gift trends are in the world of gifts this year!

1. Personalized Gifts
A star on our popular gift trends list, personalized gifts always claims top spot. With so many ways to spice up your gift, and make it extra special, it is no wonder personalized gifts are always the go-to method to make someone feel extra loved and appreciated!

2. Food Gifts
The world of foodies and people who love everything food has been increasing year after year. Food related gifts are one of the fail safe ways to know that your gift will be “utilized”.
With so many customized food items and different and creative ways to package food gifts, it can be extra inviting (to the receiver) and extra rewarding (to the giver), to see their gifts being so well received!

3. Drone Gifts
Due to the recent spike in drone appearances in movies and YouTube videos, consumers are very interested in owning drone related gifts. Especially children and teenagers wanting a kid’s version of this amazing technological gadget.
Manufacturers are also banking in on this trend, coming up with different types of cool and stylish drones that accommodate different skill levels of users. From beginners to advanced and seasoned pilots, the market has something for everyone.

4. Digital and Online Gift Cards
The quest for a faster and more convenient way of gifting is always on-going. As smart phone usage increases, it is expected that the purchase rates of e-gift cards will increase too. This is especially true, considering that consumers who receive digital gift cards are more likely to buy them for others.
With digital and online gift cards appealing more to higher income and online shoppers, who are traditionally more tech-savvy, these people naturally buy fewer physical gift cards from stores. This target market is growing exponentially over time as technology evolvesĀ  and consumers’ expectations regarding the speed of gift delivery, are increasing.

5. Smart Gadgets and Entertainment
Gift relating to smart television and watches are on the rise. With the multitudes of television programs you can watch with cable TV, being able to surf the net and watch online movies and videos on your HUGE television screen just made things even more interesting!

With these popular gift trends revealed, it is no wonder why we are seeing a shift in the gifts being given and received! It also plays a part in what is being offered in the market! So keep a keen eye out for subtle hints and we’re sure you will be able to pick out what’s in and what’s not!

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