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Bincho at Hua Bee

78 Moh Guan Terrace, Singapore #01-19,
Great For
Great For:
Buy a Bincho gift card and surprise someone with a contemporary Yakitori-ya inspired dinner. Bincho at Hua Bee is a hip all-in-one dining concept and works a perfect gift for those who want to experience a night of Singapore’s past, present and future. 

Located in the quaint neighbourhood of Tiong Bahru, Bincho's cool venue consists of 3 sections, where one is taking you back in time to an old school mee pok stall with marble green tables and beloved rickety wooden chairs. Another, is a more modern open bar concept, serving up Japanese grilled morsels and lastly, a secluded bar section, where guests can enjoy playful Japanese inspired cocktails.
A culinary night at Bincho is the perfect gift for birthdays and other special occasions.