Top 5 Christmas Gifts For Dad

The most festive time of the year is right around the corner, and there’s no better way to share the love than by giving gifts to your family. But sometimes, finding the right present for dad can be tricky. Here are our 5 best Christmas gift ideas for the most important man in your life: 1. Drive…

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How To Create a Personalized Greeting Card

Do you know how to create a personalised greeting card? It is pretty easy. It starts with the message you want to convey. Try going out of your way to uplift and encourage that someone special. Be their biggest fan! Speaking positively into someone’s life has immense effects. Just think of what are some simple…

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Buying & Sending Gift Cards Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

Imagine. You travel into town via train and squeeze with other commuters on board. Upon leaving the train station, you unwillingly join the human traffic jam as you try to enter a shopping mall. As you enter, you hustle through a sea of people as you head toward the customer service counter. And when you…

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Blog 5 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for the husband and boyfriend (HIM) 2016

Valentine’s Day isn’t always about flowers and chocolates. We’re pretty sure guys deserve a little pampering too! Here are our 5 best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the husband and boyfriend in 2016! 1. For The Beauty Conscious Buy a Crabtree & Evelyn gift voucher and open the door to a whole range of natural…

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5 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Wife and Girlfriend (HER) 2016

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and for all you eager beavers, here are the 5 best Valentine’s Day Gifts for the wife and girlfriend (HER) in 2016! We’re pretty sure you are thinking of what to do for Valentine’s Day. So why not treat her to a full day of romantic surprises! 1. Surprise…

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Popular Gift Trends in 2016!

Happy 2016 everyone! A new year means new beginnings. And what better way to start the year than to find out what the popular gift trends are in the world of gifts this year! 1. Personalized Gifts A star on our popular gift trends list, personalized gifts always claims top spot. With so many ways…

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Last Minute Christmas Gifts? Best Places To Celebrate The New Year?

It is Christmas Day tomorrow! Have you gotten all your gifts you need? Still missing something? Here are some great places for your last minute Christmas gifts (not to mention the great Christmas sale they provide!): 1. Robinsons Departmental Store 2. Takashimaya Shopping Centre 3. Isetan Departmental Store 4. IKEA Store Have you planned your…

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5 Best Restaurants In Singapore To Dine During Christmas

Planning for your Christmas dinner and New Year celebrations? Want to try something different and new this year? Here are the 5 best restaurants in Singapore to dine during Christmas in no particular order: 1. NOX – Dine in the Dark Looking for a unique and interesting experience type gift this holiday season? Being one…

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10 Christmas Life Hacks this Holiday Season

Christmas is not only about giving and sharing. The preparation and clean up could just be as tedius! Why not check out these life hacks to make your Christmas a merrier one?

Top 5 Gift Wrapping Ideas This Christmas

Here are the top 5 gift wrapping ideas this Christmas! It’s the time of the year where gifts fly off the shelf and the city comes alive with decorative lights, festive music and people gatherings. And in the spirit of giving (and receiving), dressing your gifts in something special this year adds a personal touch…

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