Renovation ideas – IKEA gift cards

Know someone who is renovating their home? Or looking for the right furniture to suit their themed apartment? We understand the difficulties in choosing them a gift with the multitude of products available! And all the other considerations that come with that decision. What if they don’t like it? What if it doesn’t fit in?…

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Top 10 Birthday Gifts for Women

Birthdays are always a special occasion, and they should be. It is that one day in the year which you can call your own. With that said, birthdays are generally more important to her. She will always remember the people who go the extra mile to make her birthday an eventful one and one that…

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Best Spas in Singapore

Overworked? Aching muscles, stressed out? What could be better than a good spa treatment in one of the best spas in Singapore? But it’s so hard sometimes to find a good one, there are just so many in Singapore. We’ve gone out there and submitted our bodies to some sweet, sweet surrender and have listed…

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3 reasons why I’m playing Santa with gift cards this year

1. The crowd, the madding crowd Every year, I’ve had to fight through the crowds down at the “shopping belt where you can get everything”. I’m done. Going through carts of “last year’s fashion” to toys for the kids, buying out of sheer pressure and no space (for mind or body) to make that decision…

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This Christmas is definitely better than the last one

Here we are again, at the last turn before we start making resolutions we will never keep, and drink all that eggnog to welcome the Yuletide cheer. But before all that fun we can have comes the part where we have to get multiple gifts for the multiple loved ones in our lives. And it…

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