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Let a chocolate lover indulge on the finest chocolate cakes and ice creams served with Awfully Chocolate gift cards in Singapore.
Located in various locations in Singapore, Awfully Chocolate is considered as one of the best dessert bars by many. Particularly famous for its dark chocolate ice cream flavours and cakes, it is a sinful indulgence for those with a sweet tooth. Their menu is a full-blown array of confections and chocolate patisseries that are delicious and irresistible.
Their rich creamy yet not-so-sweet chocolate layers are what keep customers coming back for more. They have known to not shy away from serving the absolute premium quality and service to all their customers, and hence are the perfect gift for any occasion for friends and family.
Purchase Awfully Chocolate gift cards for your loved ones today and let them indulge in the finest chocolate desserts offered in Singapore.
Multiple Locations in Singapore