Giftano.com brings you the service of buying wonderful gifts to your loved ones. Now, you are able to purchase gift vouchers & gift cards online from your favourite restaurants, spas and retail outlets. Check out our gift ideas if you are looking to buy a gift card in Singapore. Whether you wish to send E-Gifts online, deliver gifts in Singapore, or are looking to send gifts to your colleagues/employees from wherever you are around the world, Giftano is the best gift delivery platform.

You can choose for the recipient to receive the gift as an e-voucher that is delivered instantly via email. We also offer to have the vouchers printed and sent to them by post, or to have them delivered by courier, both in an exclusive Giftano envelope. You can even opt to have them wrapped in premium gift packaging. We wish you happy shopping at Giftano.com, the new and convenient way of buying gift cards in Singapore.

For more details of how Giftano.com works click here.

Please visit www.giftano.com/delivery for more information on our different delivery options.

Please take note:
We send out physical gift vouchers by registered mail, which takes up to 4 working days to be delivered to your door. However, should the value of your gift be $50 or lower, we will send your gift by normal mail. It usually takes up to 2 working days for the gift to reach your letterbox.

Lost Mail
Registered mail delivery - should the item been deemed missing, we can request for proof of delivery by Singpost. It usually takes up to 5 working days to receive a proof and should the item has been signed off by someone else at the correct address, Giftano will not issue any refund or re-deliveries. Should the item has been delivered to wrong person due to Giftano's mistake, the company will reimburse the buyer.

Do take note there might be a slightly higher risk that normal mails go missing than of registered mails as there is no tracking number provided for normal mail. Giftano will not take responsibility for lost mails. Meaning, there will be no refund or re-deliveries offered.

If you suspect your mail be missing, please send us an email or call our support line.

We work with a wide range of merchants and for some of them we are restricted to only send it by certain delivery methods.

Currently, we do not deliver gift cards outside of Singapore.

If you have sent the gift to your own email and have not received it, please check your Junk and Spam email folders and check that your email client allows new and unknown senders to send emails to you. Alternatively, you can add [email protected] to your list of contacts. If your recipient did not receive it in their inbox, please ask them to do the same. 

If the gift was sent via Registered mail, failure of delivery might be due to no one being at home. Check if you or your recipient received a SingPost delivery notice and you can collect your gift at the stated post office as per the delivery notice. 

If the gift was sent via Courier, send us an email at [email protected] or call us at +65 6908 5495 and state your Giftano reference or receipt number. We will get back to you within 2 working days. 

For any other questions, send us an email at [email protected] or call us at +65 6908 5495 and state your Giftano reference or receipt number. We will get back to you within 2 working days.

Normally you will just need to head down to the merchant, use the gift card and then hand it over as payment. Some businesses like restaurants and spas will however require reservations prior to your visit. Please do also take note that the vouchers or gift cards can't be redeemed in any online store. 

Do take note that for E-gift cards, you will need to wait for the physical/actual vouchers to be sent to you first by mail before you can head to the merchant to redeem.

No, if you choose to print the e-voucher sent by email before you hand it over to the recipient they can just bring the physical card to the merchant and redeem it. Same thing goes for if you choose to have it delivered in an envelope by post or in a gift box by courier. However, if you choose to deliver the card as an eGift Card it will have to be redeemed on Giftano.com and then the physical voucher will be sent to the recipient.
Yes, they normally have an expiry date. Please see the terms & conditions for each merchant.

If your gift voucher has not expired yet at the point of inquiry, please contact us via [email protected] We can provide an extension of a maximum of 1 month subjected to case by case basis. 

If your gift voucher has already expired at the point of inquiry, we are unfortunately unable to extend the expiry date of your gift voucher.

No, we don't charge you anything for buying gifts on Giftano.com. However, there might be a service charge if you choose premium delivery options such as sending it by post or by courier.
Corporate and personal bulk purchases are for purchases of more than 20 pieces of gift cards or gift vouchers. Payment methods include: Company Invoice, Cheque, Bank Transfer, PayPal, and Cash on Delivery.

You may fill up the enquiry form with the relevant information and the amount of gift vouchers you require. After which, our friendly Giftano staff will get back to you as soon as possible to assist you with your purchase. Alternatively, send us an email with the details at [email protected]

Please visit our contact page at www.giftano.com/contact-us and let us know who you are so we can get back to you.

Yes, no problem at all. However the gift cards and gift vouchers will only be valid for redemption in Singapore at this stage.
Your gift will be delivered when your payment is successful. Our friendly support team will get in touch with you to re-arrange your gift delivery.

An e-gift card is a hybrid between e-voucher and physical voucher, it is delivered instantly via email and where the recipient can choose when they want to claim their physical/the actual vouchers. Please enter your own email address under Delivery Details if you want it to be sent to yourself, or enter the email address for the person who you wish to receive the gift. To claim the gift, the recipient clicks the button link in the e-gift email and fill up their delivery details and the physical voucher will be sent out on the following working day by registered mail. 

It takes up to 4 working days to receive the physical voucher via registered mail.

As the recipient, you will receive an email explaining that someone has sent you a gift. You will need to redeem the gift. Once you have redeemed the gift, the actual physical voucher(s) will be delivered to you between 1 - 4 working days.

Click on the "Redeem Gift" button and choose your delivery method. Once you have chosen your preferred delivery method, key in your relevant delivery details below. Press "Confirm" and your vouchers will be on their way!
The Giftano card works just as a gift card with a pre-determined value and allows you to select a gift from any participating merchants on Giftano’s website.To get your preferred gift delivered to you, you will need to select a delivery option and apply the gift code stated on your Giftano card upon checkout. For more information, please check out The Giftano Gift Card Page.
Using your Giftano gift card is easy! You will just need to select a gift from our *partnering merchants and select "Pay with Giftano Card" on the checkout page. Thereafter, you will key in the 16 digit card number stated on your Giftano Card. Your gift will then be right on its way to you! *Please take note that all the brands on the Giftano website are partners under the Giftano Card except from Amazon and iTunes.
Yes, your Giftano gift card is partially redeemable. This means that it works more or less as a cash card where you can buy more than one gift if you want, as long as the amount on your card allows for it.
Yes, you will be able to pass your Giftano card to anyone you want.
Your Giftano card will expire 6 months from the date of purchase. Please take note that we do not refund for expired cards.
You can easily check your balance of your Giftano Card here. You will just need to key in your 16 digit card number and the balance will be displayed. If you are facing any issues with the balance of your Giftano card, please contact [email protected] or call our support line +65 6908 5495.

If you still have something you would like to ask us you may email us at [email protected] 

We will address all email enquires within 24-48 hours.