NOX - Dine in the Dark Gift Cards

Let your loved ones plunge into an intriguing new world of mystery and sensation they have never experienced before at NOX - Dine in the Dark! Your loved ones will be guided by specially-trained blind or visually-impaired hosts and embark on a culinary journey through taste, smell, touch and sound while seated in a pitch-black dining room. Their minds will be opened up to a deeper consciousness when they enter the transitioning point where the roles are reversed, and the blind becomes their eyes. Let their other senses take over as they experience an explosion of flavours with NOX - Dine in the Dark's exquisite selection of Modern European dishes and uniquely crafted cocktails. With a questionnaire at the end of the experience, your loved ones get to put their taste buds to the test when they try to guess the ingredients used in the mystery dishes they enjoyed in the dark.
At NOX - Dine in the Dark, it's more than just dining. It's a unique mind-altering sensory experience that is both enriching and humbling. A visit to NOX – Dine in the Dark is a meaningful anniversary gift, Christmas gift or birthday gift for friends and family to experience dining in complete darkness! Let your loved ones embark on a culinary adventure at the most unique restaurant in Singapore with a NOX - Dine in the Dark Gift Card!

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