Digital Gifting is here!

You can now send all your gifts digitally via email with Giftano.

What is Digital Gifting?

Digital gifting is the act of sending a gift virtually. These digital gifts were commonly sent out in the form of a gift card or eVoucher, but now with Giftano’s new Digital Gifting feature — these eGifts can be anything & everything in between. From gift cards to experiences and gift items like jewellery, wines & personalised gifts, Giftano is proud to be the first in Singapore to introduce Digital Gifting for all of our gifts!

Why Digital Gifting?

The era of modern technology has made it possible for us to send gifts virtually, since a while back, gift cards were the most popular digital gift because of how instant it is now! Gone are the days of rushing out to shop for a last-minute gift! Forgot a special day, or find yourself in a situation that makes it inconvenient to head down to a mall? Send gift cards, experiences and gift items all on one single gifting platform.

How Does It Work?

Take your pick from over 1000+ gifts offered by over 150+ premium merchants on, send the gift to your recipient just by filling in their email address. Your gift recipient will instantly receive an email notification with a unique link that sends them to the gift redemption page. If you selected a customisable gift for your recipient, they will have the option to personalise or modify their gift by size or colour preference.

Why Is Digital Gifting Better?

Instantly Received

With the ability to purchase and send gifts online, digital gifting has quickly become the preferred way of gifting for many. You can save a lot of time from shopping for gifts online instead of having to go all the way down to a mall. Rather than hopping from mall to mall hoping to find the perfect gift, simply browse for gifts on instead! Giftano features gift items from premium brands like Ogawa, Nike Stores, Ted Baker and more, making gifting a whole lot easier for those scrambling to find the time.


Have you ever wanted to send a gift to a friend, only to realise that you don’t have their home address? Using Giftano’s Digital Gifting feature, all you need is their email address. Only have their phone number or username on social media? Just send the gift to yourself by entering your email address as the recipient. Open up the email, copy the link and paste it into any social media chat! Simple, fast and hassle-free!

Fully Animated

Send gifts instantly without compromising on the satisfaction of gift unboxing! With an amazing unboxing animation revealing your gift, your gift recipient will get to enjoy the same amount of satisfaction they receive from physically unboxing their gift! Once the unboxing is complete, all that’s left is for them to modify their gift and have it delivered right to their doorstep!

Send A Gift from Anywhere

Missing a special occasion in Singapore because you’re stuck overseas? Enjoy a better gifting experience with free delivery! Visit Giftano to send a gift instantly — with a free personalised greeting card, remain present in the moment and take part in special occasions even from time zones away.

Freedom to Customise*

Have you ever experienced having to send a gift back because you accidentally bought a gift in the wrong size or forgot their favourite colour? Unlike in stores, it’s so easy to tailor a gift to your recipient’s liking on! Giftano allows you to send a gift virtually and allows your recipient to customise or modify their own gift. Eliminating all the struggles of gift-shopping, ensuring the most perfect gifting experience.

*Only for personalised gifts or gifts with different variations

Easy Corporate Gifting

Businesses can definitely benefit from Digital Gifting in a time where most employees are working from home. Whether it’s for raising employee morale during this trying time or as an employee reward for hitting the company’s target and goals, Digital Gifting is a quick corporate gifting solution for employees.