Baristart Coffee Restaurant Gift Cards: Hokkaido Concept Café

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Baristart Coffee is a Hokkaido-based concept cafe that started out back in June 2015 as a simple coffee stand. They have now evolved into a lifestyle cafe where they serve up a full-range menu, using exceptional imported Hokkaido milk quality from Brown Jersey Cows.
Patrons will be able to enjoy savoury dishes such as the classic Eggs Benedict and Hokkaido Carbonara Pasta, and sweet delicacies such as their popular Shaved Ice (Shiro Kuma) and delicious Custard Pudding. From beverages to desserts and food, Baristart Coffee brings out the best in all of its offerings.
Send your friends and loved ones Baristart Coffee gift cards and let them enjoy quality flavours of Hokkaido right in Singapore.

Tras St
65 Tras St,
Singapore 079004

40 Siloso Beach Walk, Sentosa,
Singapore 098996