Bootstrap Beverages Gifts: Best Cold Brew in Singapore

Bootstrap Beverages specialises in cold brew coffee, using 100% Arabica beans sourced from farms in Bali and Singapore. Packaged in 100% recyclable glass bottles, Bootstrap Beverages sets up their own system for the collection and recycling of used bottles. With Bootstrap Beverages' coffee gift sets, your loved ones may enjoy a truly unique combination of coffee flavours – Bootstrap Beverages' coffees are also a healthier option as it is brewed with no preservatives or additives.
Let coffee-lovers enjoy ultra-smooth coffee with different intensities that are not too overpowering but carry a light roasted chocolatey finish. Is your loved one not a coffee-lover? Bootstrap Beverages also offers a selection of sweet and aromatic brewed teas. Save the hassle of buying cups of coffee or tea at a cafe! Bootstrap Beverages' beautifully packaged gift sets make great farewell gifts or Christmas gifts for colleagues and amazing birthday gifts for friends who are daily coffee or tea drinkers!

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