Burnt Ends

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Burnt Ends is a modern barbeque restaurant that offers casual dining with countertop seating. Each seat allows guests to look directly into the open kitchen with a custom-built four-tonne, dual cavity ovens and four elevation grills are installed to provide the best smoke-touched dishes Singapore has to offer.
Chef Dave Pynt believes in great ingredients, fresh produce and honest cooking to get the best out of his wood ovens and grills. With an innovative menu that is handwritten every day, Chef Dave Pynt ensures the best ingredients and cohesive dishes reach the table every time.
The specially selected wine list that Burnt Ends offer is a unique one. It focuses on small, family-owned and boutique wineries, regional styles and varietals along with a pick of back vintage wines. The Bar, on the other hand, highlights artisan distillers and spirits with a selection of classic cocktails. With a collection of craft beers that completes the list, Burnt Ends definitely allows you to try some of the best they have to offer.
20 Teck Lim Rd,
Singapore 088391
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