California Republic Gift Cards: So-Cal Italian Restaurant in Singapore

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Gift your friends and loved ones an unforgettable So-Cal Italian dining experience at California Republic! Let them enter a time capsule of California living in the summer of 1960, a time of woodie surf wagons and sunken living rooms. From the easy-going style to the sputnik lamps, they are pure mid-century modern — a type of cool where pop culture and counterculture collide. Entering the venue feels like stepping into a revolutionary moment in time when a new generation of style was rising up.
There’s something special that happens through immigration. The ideals of two distinct, beautiful cultures collide and give way to a cuisine characterised by a reverence for fresh, simple preparation. An experience that transcends beyond just food and drinks — California Republic is a trip.
A California Republic Gift Card is the perfect Christmas gift or birthday gift for friends to indulge in mouthwatering So-Cal Italian cuisine!

88 Amoy Street
Singapore 069907
Suggested Gift:
S$150 California Republic Gift Card

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