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Cloudstreet Gift Cards Singapore: Modern Australian Fine Dining Restaurant with Sri Lankan Cuisine

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Perfecting his craft of fine dining fused with a savoury culinary experience, chef Rishi Naleendra brings yet another masterpiece to life with Gareth Burnett to create Cloudstreet. The restaurant portrays the flawless marriage of chef Naleendra's experience and heritage being the modern European foundation along with his Sri Lankan roots' influence.
The food is enhanced by a wine list featuring around 350 natural and classic style wines which pay homage to some greats alongside small, independent winemakers from around the world. The restaurant has a strong focus on beverage pairings both alcoholic and temperance.
Experience the truly special Sri Lankan fine dining gift by buying Cloudstreet gift cards for friends, family, or a special someone who are curious to try some bold flavours and interesting combinations.

84 Amoy Street,
Singapore 069903