ANAYA Trigona Honey & Pili Pushers by GTCL Wellness

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GTCL Wellness is a progressive, all-organic company that promotes a sustainable-living lifestyle with superfoods like Anaya Trigona Honey and Pili Pushers. Anaya Trigona Honey and Pili Pushers are made purely from ethically sourced, toxin-free ingredients and have taken the market by storm. They are full of natural healthy ingredients proven to have life-enhancing medical properties that, among other things, boost the immune system.
Anaya Trigona Honey and Pili Pushers are the perfect Christmas gift for colleagues or birthday gift for friends into health & wellness! A GTCL Wellness Gift Card is also a great Mother's Day gift to show her how much you care.
So get GTCL Wellness Gift Cards for friends & loved ones to try out Anaya Trigona Honey and Pili Pushers nuts for themselves and bring them over to the organic side of health and wellness today!

Suggested Gift:
S$50 GTCL Wellness Gift Card