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Gift your friends the ultimate dining experience at GOHO Kaiseki Bar. Previously the home of a record shop, this 55-seater restaurant splits itself between the 2nd floor of a conversation shophouse and an intimate mezzanine that serves as a lounge for diners to unwind with cocktails or digestives after their meal.
The term 'Goho' refers to the five cooking methods integral to Japanese Kaiseki cuisine. These methods, which include Nama (Cutting), Niru (Simmering), Yaku (Grilling), Musu (Steaming), and Ageru (Deep-Frying), form a crucial part of GOHO's Kaiseki Omakase menu. These five elements also come together in unity, as symbolised in the five petals within the five circles of the GOHO logo.
Kaiseki, commonly referred to as a multi-course meal, offers guests the opportunity to savour a multitude of courses prepared with rules (cooking methods) and season in mind. These rules include colours (Goshiki), methods (Goho), Flavours (Gomi), Senses (Gokan), and considerations (Gokan No Mon).
A dining experience from GOHO Kaiseki Bar will be a great birthday gift for friends or a romantic anniversary gift for a loved one!

53A Duxton Road,
Entrance via RAPPU
Singapore 089517

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