HipVan Gift Cards: Modern Online Furniture Store

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Buy HipVan Gift Cards for friends, relatives, and loved ones to help them with their furniture needs to complement their home aesthetic. HipVan is Singapore's only online furniture store with modern aesthetic designer pieces at affordable prices.
With fantastic customer service and fast delivery, HipVan makes sure that their customers keep coming back to purchase more. They come up with new designs and colours every now and then which allows their customers to choose from a new, stylish, yet affordable furniture at all times.
HipVan's extensive catalogue is known to be anything but generic. Ideated by the younger ‘millennial’ demographic, HipVan's furniture and home décor are designed to be Instagram-worthy and Pinterest-ready. Every furniture piece is designed to add a touch of style while creating an optimum working environment.
The convenience of furniture shopping has never been easy, but with HipVan, it is! It is the perfect furniture gift for families and loved ones purchasing or moving into new homes, or for those renovating theirs. Give friends, family, and loved ones the perfect furniture gifts in Singapore with HipVan Gift Cards today!