Mega Adventure

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Buy a Mega Adventure Park gift card and offer someone an outdoor adventure like no other.
Featuring the most extreme zip wires in Asia, a free-fall simulator, a treetop rope course and more, Mega Adventure provides an outdoor experience that is fun and exhilarating. Depending on your fitness level, choose to try out the different courses at your own pace.
Over 450 metres long and at 75 metres above sea level, the MegaZip is the first 3 wire zip line built that lets you whizz over the jungle canopy and the happenings of Siloso Beach.
For a more challenging adventure, MegaClimb is a premiere high ropes obstacle course set amongst the treetops. Prepare to navigate wobbly bridges, balance on swaying tightropes and scramble along with cargo nets at up to 15 meters high. The views are breathtaking, the thrills are endless and the well-trained staff ensure that the experience is safe, efficient and highly addictive.
For a thrilling simulated parachute jump, try MegaJump. Developed in the UK, the custom made safety wire and harness allows you to leap off a platform into thin air and land gently on the ground a full 15 metres below.
Have heaps of fun with MegaBounce! Secured with elasticated ropes, trampoline addicts can leap to heights of 20 feet and descend safely and softly time and time again for an adrenaline high.
Conquer MegaWall - the tallest climbing wall in Singapore! With three different routes to the top, have a spectacular time climbing to the top under the supervision of their climbing instructors who will be belaying you up to the NorthFace.
With so much to try at Mega Adventure, it is no wonder that this gift card is the top choice for many occasions and for people who love fun outdoors!
Imbiah Hill Rd, Sentosa Island, Singapore