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Meatsmith Telok Ayer & Little India: American BBQ in Singapore

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Buy a Meatsmith Gift Card and introduce someone to an amazingly tasty wood-fired barbecued food. They currently operate 2 outlets in Singapore - Meatsmith Telok Ayer and Meatsmith Little India. A great birthday gift for a friend or a weekend treat for a family, they will be sure to have a wonderful time dining at Meatsmith.
Meatsmith Telok Ayer is an American Smokehouse with custom-built giant Southern Pride Smokers, Meathsmith specialises in smoked meat and American BBQ. The restaurant features an open kitchen housing a combination of different American-regional styles. The food at Meatsmith is a reflection of the casual, big-flavoured and family-friendly style of eating. Among the things they will find on the menu: grilled brisket burgers, perfectly cooked steaks, large format sharing meat platters, house-made sausage, burnt ends and ribs smoked over hickory wood for up to 14 hours. A curated international wine list with an extensive selection of Bourbon and whiskey that complements the style of cuisine and refines the delicious meal.
Meatsmith Little India is Singapore’s first restaurant serving modern Indian barbecue. With its colourful façade and street artwork, this outlet fits perfectly at its home, at Campbell Lane in the heart of Little India. One can expect a masterful menu combining the technique of slow cooking and barbecue, with Indian spice, rubs, and sauces. By adding a tandoor oven and spit roaster alongside the southern pride smoker, one can expect dishes like a Kerala Beef Rib, Coconut Pork Ribs and suckling pig biryani. 

Multiple Locations in Singapore
Suggested Gift:
S$100 Meatsmith Gift Card