The 8TH Floor Creative Space: Pottery Classes

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Looking for a creative activity to give as a gift to someone?
The 8TH Floor Creative Space is a studio-workshop that teaches how to create handcrafted products using clay as a medium. Their pottery classes are created for anyone and everyone by a group of independent craftsmen who aim to keep the craft alive.
They are the first private pottery studio in Singapore to provide structured pottery classes and with a progress-monitoring system for the participants guided by qualified instructors. Their instructors can keep track of each learner's pace and progress throughout the whole course, allowing participants to learn and grow through the course according to their learning abilities.
Gift an artistic friend or loved one of yours a structured pottery classes gift card from The 8th Floor to let them learn this ancient craftsmanship!
37, Lorong 23 Geylang, Yu Li Industrial Building #08-03