SHAPE Singapore Magazine

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SHAPE Singapore – The complete mind and body guide for women.
Licensed from American Media Inc., Shape Singapore was launched in July 2004. It is the complete mind and body guide for women, with 15 editions worldwide and a readership of 15,000 (Nielsen Media Index 2015) in Singapore alone. It covers all aspects of living a well-balanced life, from the latest information on fitness, nutrition, exercise and health, to invaluable tips on living life to the fullest.
This leading active lifestyle guide for women in Singapore motivates and inspires them to embrace a desirable lifestyle – shaping their looks and their lives.
As Singapore’s only mind and body guide for women, SHAPE Singapore enriches women’s lives with the latest practical information and actionable advice on fitness, wellness, beauty, health and nutrition.
SHAPE reaches health-conscious, smart and affluent women, who want to live an active life in style.
SHAPE inspires, empowers & motivates women. SHAPE is read by well-travelled PMEBs with high disposable incomes. These opinion influencers are career-driven and outgoing, and are as conscious about their image as they are of environmental issues.