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Buy an Table Tales gift card and gift the privilege of being the special few to own this limited print Table Tales book series, which brings exclusivity and prestige to all that can get their hands on this book.
Table Tales is a yearly comprehensive lifestyle publication with a curated selection of restaurant and brand partners, perfect for date night ideas or as a trusted source to explore the culinary side of Singapore.
Whether you’re a gastronomy enthusiast always in search of the most delicious dishes Singapore has to offer, or on the lookout for restaurants offering romantic dining for an upcoming date night, Table Tales provides a mouth-watering handpicked guide to Singapore’s not so well-known hidden gems and unique restaurants.  
Every year, the team at Table Tales select their best culinary experiences and invite the restaurants to join the book. You can rest assured the recommendations are genuine and non-sponsored articles. 
Because of the limited number of books being printed each year, Table Tales not only becomes a collectible keepsake, but also a trace of each year’s gastronomic adventures. So what are you waiting for?
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