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The Fragment Room Experience Gifts: Anger Therapy, Rage Room

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Encourage your loved ones to let down their walls and release their inner frustrations with a unique experience gift from The Fragment Room!
The Fragment Room is the first rage room in Singapore! A safe space for your loved ones to get rid of all their stress and worries, players are allowed to come in and smash things to their heart's content for half an hour. Rage room experiences are proven to be a stress-relieving yet engaging activity in the recent past, with many rage rooms coming up all over the globe.
From single packages for individuals to smash to their heart's content to double and triple packages for players to string their friends along, an experience gift from The Fragment Room serves as the perfect anger therapy for busy individuals.
Give someone a satisfying rage room experience with The Fragment Room experience gifts or gift cards, and treat them to possibly the most exciting anger therapy in the market by letting them smash plates, glasses, vases, electronic appliances and more! A great birthday gift for friends or farewell gift for colleagues to let off some steam!

490 MacPherson Rd,
Singapore 368198
Suggested Gift:
The Fragment Room Smashing Experience for 2