Ogawa "OMG"

Wow someone you care for with the Ogawa "OMG", a foot massager designed to stimulate acupressure points, improve blood circulation and promote internal organ and joint health. This luxurious massager features multiple massage options that targets specific vital areas to help the workaholic, the shopper, the adventurist, the fitness fanatic and the insomniac. A great revitalizing gift for the tired sole!

  • This item comes in a beautiful packaging and includes a free personalised greeting card.
  • 3 days delivery for orders made before 12pm.
  • Delivery is free of charge and all re-deliveries are subject to an additional charge of SGD$20 per re-delivery.

About OGAWA : Best Massager In Singapore

OGAWA is a leading brand in the global arena of health-care and wellness with established presence in over 20 countries with more than 800 outlets worldwide – 16 outlets in Singapore. With fore frontal expertise and control in every aspect of its product development and innovation, OGAWA endeavours to be the world's primary provider and advocate of quality living with the highest quality massage and wellness equipment.
27 Tampines Industrial Ave 5 Singapore 528623

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