$250 Open Farm Gift Voucher

Gift a friend or loved one a $250 gift voucher to Open Farm Community & let them get in touch with nature and support local farming in this first-of-its-kind dining concept in Singapore.

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About Open Farm Community

Buy an Open Farm Community (OFC) gift card or gift voucher and get someone involved in supporting the Spa Esprit Group’s initiative in spearheading local farming, connecting the local community to nature, and celebrating the local spirit. If you know someone who supports local produce and all things natural, an OFC experience might just be the thing for them!

With the first of its kind dining concept in Singapore, OFC brings together local farmers and their produce, as well as talented and creative chefs to create a unique and sustainable menu for its guests, in the hopes of bringing the local community closer to nature and for them to understand their source of food.

Support the good cause and join in the movement by spreading the word and getting more people involved! A meaningful and fantastic restaurant gift card, treat someone to a rustic and local, yet western forward dining experience. Then watch them be inspired at the quality of the food and immerse themselves in nature, getting in touch with their roots and understanding this fantastic movement.
130E Minden Rd, Singapore 248819

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