Composition Photography Course

Composition: Three 2-hour sessions
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The Composition: Three 2-Hour Sessions course is a great birthday gift for friends who want to gain knowledge and improve their photo taking skills with composition techniques! The training program embraces a three-part format which includes theory, application and review. Learners will get to focus on chapters like 'Seeing with a Third Eye' and 'Story Presentation'. A compelling photo is created by the knowledge they have and not the camera they own. Let them witness how composition techniques substantially improve images through this effective mixed indoor and outdoor Composition: Three 2-hours Sessions course. They are required to bring any digital camera or mobile phone for the course!

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About School of Photography Singapore

School of Photography Singapore (SOP) is a photography learning centre dedicated to sharing the art and broadening photography culture. Their goal is to nurture the new and young to become the photographers of tomorrow by providing them with the proper foundation, guidance, and confidence today. Spearheaded by founder Alan Lim, School of Photography Singapore (SOP) has a strong team of award-winning photographers ready to spread photography knowledge to aspiring photographers in Singapore.
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