Riedel "Performance" (Set of 2)
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The optic impact in the Performance Cabernet / Merlot glasses serves as both a design feature and to enhance the wine's aromatics. The larger inner surface area allows the wine to open up and fully show every aroma and subtle nuance for the best wine-drinking experience. For any wine lover, this glassware is a great way to add extra depth to their drinks.
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    About Riedel : Glassmakers Since 1756

    Riedel, as a company, believes its personal and professional philosophies are one and the same. They were built on the creative energies of a long line of glassmakers. With their commitment to quality, they constantly innovate their products, which includes investing regularly in the modernization of their facilities. Riedel has 11 generations of rich history; it is no doubt that Riedel is an amazing pioneer of wine glasses.

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