Beach Journey Candle & Diffuser Gift Set

Beach Journey - Sea Kelp & Peppermint - Candle & Diffuser Duo Set
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The Beach Journey - Sea Kelp & Peppermint - Candle & Diffuser Duo Set is a great birthday gift for friends & family or a thoughtful Christmas gift for colleagues who need a break. Filled with the refreshing scent of Sea Kelp & Peppermint, this scented candle & diffuser gift set will bring back cherished memories of long summer days and waves crashing at the shore. Fill their rooms with the serenity of the ocean with this thoughtful gift, and bring your loved ones to their happy place. 


  • Candle burn time up to 40 hours
  • Hand Poured
  • All Natural cotton wick
  • Contains natural soy and coconut wax
  • High-quality fragrance and essential oils
  • 100 ML Reed Diffuser
  • Alcohol-free
  • Made with imported ingredients from Australia and the US

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About To Be Calm

To Be Calm offers a beautiful range of uniquely scented candles and diffusers infused with an aromatic fragrance that covers one's home and creates a relaxing setting. Striving to offer an exquisite array of aromatic fragrances that create an optimal state of mind, To Be Calm crafts a sensational experience for all which evokes a sense of calm and serenity. With their exquisite array of familiar as well as unique aromatic fragrances, one can be transported to a beautiful memory.
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