Custom Portrait

No matter who you gift this Custom Portrait, we are sure that they will treasure it for life! Delicately carved onto a linoleum block and printed on premium cotton paper, this custom A5 portrait is hand-drawn upon order, meaning no two print is the same. Truly the perfect personalised gift for all occasions!

  • Frame is not included with this gift.
  • Giftano will send you an email in order to collaborate with Westside Prints for the custom image, sketch and text.
  • You may request for the original linoleum block for your gift recipient to keep for memory or to reprint it themselves.
  • This gift requires a lead time of 12 days for production and delivery.
  • This item comes in a beautifully packaged gift box and includes a free personalized greeting card.
  • Delivery is made within 5 business days.
  • Delivery is free of charge & all re-deliveries are subject to an additional charge of SGD$20 per re-delivery.

About Westside Prints : Printmaking Custom Goods

Based in Singapore, Westside Prints is built on the passion for linocut printmaking and handmade products. Westside Prints aims to be an advocate of handmade goods and encourage everyone to relive the experience, warmth and joy of owning a handmade product.

Drawing inspiration from the local daily life around the founder, each product is rich of the Singapore flavour. Each print and card is carefully crafted, from the paper selection to the packaging materials used.

Let the people you love experience the joy of receiving handmade products with Westside Prints gifts in Singapore!

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